Best Female Rock Singers


Best Female Rock Singers

Music has different genres, ranging from melodies to EDM, that has generated a multitude of exclusive fans. It has been proven over the years that no category of songs fades away with time; only one surpasses the other. It doesn’t matter if the concert is in Las Vegas or in Tokyo. Rap has been in the industry for some time now and remains to be a winner. One such genre that has kept its position intact is “Rock,” with it still being an inspiring piece of art for many people. Hundreds of aspirants around the globe are striving to reach the platform of popularity. Regardless of the number of singers coming into the light, there still happens to be a group of singers who are best in the business. Some of these artists are irreplaceable and stay legends even today.

Women have never failed to impress the public with their talent; indeed, they have outgrown some of the biggest male stars in history. Not many of them have been acknowledged for their work but have produced some impressive compositions in their lifetime. It’s the singers who give the song the life its holds within; so, let us check out some of the best female rock singers of all time.

Rock Singers

1. Patti Smith

Her debut album, Horses, was released in 1975, which was a perfect blend of rock and poetry. Horses became a worldwide hit, and she grew to become an iconic figure in the genre. She is arguably the best rock singer in history owing to the fact that she has created some splendid piece of music in her lifetime. Patti Smith is also an author h=who has given birth to some literary masterpieces. In the world of rock music, she remains to be a muse for many aspirants.

2. Debbie Harry

This punk legend came into the scene of rock music through the group called Blondie. He persona resonated with the public to bring her into the limelight, making her an undying icon in the history of rock music. The sexuality and style exuded through her performances and social interactions made her the legend she is today. ‘Rapture’ and ‘Heart of Glass’ are the biggest hits of Debbie. She decided to go solo after a certain point to make individual ventures.

3. Stevie Nicks

Royalty is the term that people love to tag Stevie with, as her career has been an impressive one with both as a solo singer and as the lead singer in Fleetwood Mac. She is both a singer and a songwriter who is well-known for her singing skills as well as her scintillating persona and concert storytelling. The status of being one of the best female rock singers stays intact even after all these years with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honoring her as a legend while she was a part of the band and also when she went solo.

4. Joan Jett

Joan Jett

She is well-known as the founder of the world-famous band Runaways, which was followed other creation of hers-Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan Jett, the committed feminist and rock singer, grew in popularity with the guitar-punk ‘Bad Reputation’ and the rendition of the song ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.’

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